I really learnt a lot from yesterday’s presentation as it has widen my knowledge about HR. And out of what I learnt yesterday I have successfully solved a problem of recruiting staff faced by one of my neighbour.

Umaru Kunateh Bah

Business Clinic Participant

Thanks so much. It was a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to the next one.

John Moanah

Participant at the Business Clinic

The Business Innovation Lab workshop was absolutely wonderful. The content was right on the money for where we want our business to go… This is most definitely the best workshop I have ever participated in. Thanks you so much ma’am for being a sweetheart to us during the Lab sessions. You’re really a gem and a force to be reckoned with. Thanks for the corrections, love and mentorship you gave us. Thankful we are.

Christiana Banja

Marketer and Administrative Head, A JAZZY CONCEPT

Thanks for the pitch night.  I made new contacts there, will be looking into partnerships with out entrepreneurs and I may have some business from the event. A major benefit of this was that preparing my pitch enabled me to think more clearly about how I communicated my business to others. Where I was before the pitch to where I am now in terms of getting my value proposition across clearly is vastly improved.  Many thanks to [Manon], Jason and the rest of the team.

Edmond Nonie

CEO, Track Your Build (SL) Limited

Thank you for inviting us to participate in the round table sessions. My representative, Abu reported to me that it was informative and enlightening.I hope all of these discussions produce tangible fruits.

Brinsley Johnson

Round table participant

Thank you. You gave me insight into a lot of things I have had really thin ideas about regarding my business goals, the plans and realities. I look forward to more rewarding learning sessions at SOBA. I am grateful.

Easmond John Bona

Participant at the Business Clinic

“Before this duty waiver a previous one existed but many people did not know about it….the process of operationalising the duty waiver means that so many more companies are aware…we have managed to bring awareness on the process and ensured the people at customs are aware and willing to work to implement the waiver.”

Wordsworth Cole

Head of BBOXX Sierra Leone and VP Renewable Energy Association (REASL)

I want to say a very big thank you for this opportunity to pitch our Mobile Power Project. I am truly appreciative of the help and support
you gave me in the preparations and the test pitch. You all are a rare gem that must be treasured.

Eugene Tani-Luke

Freetown Pitch Night Presenter- Solar Power Edition

Last December I had a meeting at SOBA office and I was advised by their Intervention lead  to register my business,( which I had thought will be too expensive and time wasting) I finally registered the business causing businesses and organizations to take me more seriously leading to SLPMC contracting me to work with them, I have had offers from other companies small businesses and also planning  recruiting  2 health and safety trainers to help with the increase work load. I will like to say thank you to SOBA for your Business Advice I will never had registered my business without your advice.

Dr. Kanu

“A strong established board which can drive our key initiatives of the association to be a leading stakeholder within the renewable energy sector and continuing with in partnership with GoSL to solidifying ongoing efforts.”

Sophie Johnson

Interim President, Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone (REASL)