On the 23rd of January 2017 TJAL Enterprises and SOBA signed a formal Partnership Agreement.

TJAL Enterprises is an agro-dealer and fumigation services business operating since the pre-war years. The business is operated by Atejan the brother of the founder of the company since 2001.

The business has its headquarters in Guinea and is operated in Sierra Leone as a branch. The business currently operates in two locations in Freetown and its main office is located at 2 Kington Bridge. TJAL sells fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, seeds, farming tools and safety equipment. Read the TJAL Case Study to learn more.

The agreement states that TJAL and SOBA will collaborate in five main areas:

  • · Branding and Marketing
  • · Distribution
  • · Advisory services
  • · Product and Service diversification
  • · Operations and Financial systems

As part of its collaboration activities, SOBA recently conducted a distribution focused training as part of its Ag-Inputs Dealer Development Programme with the purpose of building TJAL’s capacity and networks. Read more about that here.