Freetown, Sierra Leone – 3 April 2017 SOBA’s iLab Business Innovation Hub (BI Hub), a high-risk innovation facility that fosters high return ventures,  has launched a bi-monthly business clinic to offer free businesses “check-ups” and provide advice to get them on track to meet their business goals.

The clinic is a collaborative space that aims to connect entrepreneurs with professional service providers to encourage market-based relationships.

Starting and growing a business in Sierra Leone is challenging. Entrepreneurs face a number of obstacles, including limited access to capital, talent, and marketing and finance services. SOBA’s Business Innovation Hub (BI Hub) aims to address some of the constraints in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and improve performance of the market to allow existing businesses to grow, and attract new entrepreneurs.

Many professional services providers, including marketing and finance professionals, do not actively target the SME market in Sierra Leone. These firms have yet to develop services fit for this sector, and need to connect with entrepreneurs to better understand their needs.

The BI Hub is introducing a number of different platforms to encourage entrepreneurs and professional service providers to come together and build relationships that will benefit the entrepreneurial sector as a whole.