Sierra Leone Prepares to Launch the Official Made in Sierra Leone Brand (MiSL)
Nationwide Competition for Official Logo is in Progress

FREETOWN-The country of Sierra Leone is getting ready to launch the “Made in Sierra Leone” (MiSL) brand campaign.   The premise for MiSL is rooted in the need to improve productivity, performance and attractiveness for goods and services made and offered in Sierra Leone in order to meet competitive pressures from imported goods.

In a recent budget speech, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development introduced the MiSL concept as one avenue through which to facilitate economic diversification in Sierra Leone.

Currently, imported goods service the bulk of the Sierra Leone consumer goods market. Though many products are produced and grown locally, a myriad of factors – including perception, cost, quality, availability, and awareness – all hamper their demand. Vital supporting sectors, like marketing and packaging services, that would make it easier and cost-effective to run a local business and help to improve quality and perception for local goods, are nascent and poorly fit for the market.

The government of Sierra Leone, with support from SOBA and others, is working to bring MiSL to fruition. To kick off the brand and campaign, SOBA has launched a nationwide logo competition asking all interested graphic designers to submit their idea for the MiSL brand. The winner will receive SLL 7,500,000 (approximately 1000 USD).  The new MiSL logo will appear on all local products that meet a new requirement of standards.