Poultry Processing

Leecon Poultry Enterprise, one of the largest poultry farms in Sierra Leone, has launched their new website. Click on the picture to learn more.


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Business Modelling

•Develop a robust research-based business case for the Sierra Leone poultry sector – market size, potential, opportunities

•Share risk and cost initial investment, and product and services pilot by new market entrants

•Cost-share testing of viable feed and DOC towards ascertaining viability and establishing market credibility and brand loyalty.

Capacity Building

•Provide technical support to strategically placed local poultry farms in business, financial and supply chain management development towards building appropriate and investment-ready business models

•Facilitate sharing of learning from model businesses, crowding-in, behavioral and incentive changes

•Facilitate capacity building of support function services providers – veterinary, ag-inputs, feed suppliers, BDS service providers.

Facilitate Investment


•Attract and facilitate investment from established and specialized businesses in the sub region, especially nearby Guinea, in the provision of poultry support functions and services – feed, DOC and veterinary products and services.

•Facilitate investment in poultry products – eggs and broilers, support function services and input provision in partnership with local businesses and investment funds and incubators

Marketing and Linkage Building

•Link poultry farms with effective support service providers – feed, DOC, veterinary services

•Link feed suppliers and poultry farms (making own feed) with maize farmers and traders

•Link maize traders with ag-input services providers and maize traders who also provide value added services like inputs advisory services, maize shelling, credit, etc.

•Introduce adaptable supply chain management and linkage strategies and tactics – buyer led workshops, forward contracts, performance incentives, group-selling, group-buying, etc.

•Facilitate development of marketing content, promotion and distribution strategies with players across the sector value chain.

Results to date

Consistent supply of high quality and affordable poultry feed

  • At least two specialized poultry businesses supplying whole feed to poultry farms in Sierra Leone
  • All poultry farms in the country mapped and linked with quality feed suppliers
  • Every poultry farm has reliable, consistent access to affordable high quality poultry feed

Availability of high quality DOC

  • All poultry farms in the country mapped and linked with quality and appropriate DOC supplier
  • All poultry farms have access to high quality breed of DOC
  • Every poultry farm has reliable, consistent access to affordable high quality DOC

Improved productivity and yield for poultry products.

  • Poultry farms increase their egg-per-bird yield by at least 10%
  • Poultry farms increase their flock of birds by an average 40%
  • New poultry farms emerge – 5 new poultry farms
  • The poultry sector in terms of local egg supply count increase by 50%

Adequate supply of raw-material inputs for poultry feed

  • 50,000 local smallholder maize farmers have reliable access to ag-inputs and services, VAS – Sheller
  • 10,000 local maize smallholder farmers increase their yield and income by 10%