Sierra Leone’s commercial poultry sector is growing – boosted by more efficient production and emerging feed, day-old-chick, and veterinary service provision. This is a growing and lucrative opportunity for Sierra Leonean maize farmers.



Poultry Farm Guide

Learn more about poultry layer farm set-up, bird selection, and rearing management – designed for poultry farmers in Sierra Leone.

Work & Results

Poultry results


Increase population of poultry under commercial production through improved farm practices, emergence of consistent feed and input options and growth of maize production – ultimately increasing offtake opportunity for farmers.

Improve overall productivity

Improve overall productivity (egg output per bird) through better farm and production practices, including financial and monitoring controls, biosecurity, and bird rearing practices.

Improve the reliability

Improve the reliability of readily available feed and lower-cost feed alternatives for poultry farmers

Increase maize production

Increase maize production and improve trade relationships between maize farmers, traders, and feed and farm buyers.

  • Improve trade practices and value-added relationships, integrating new-to-market technologies such as scales, shellers, contracts, and networking platforms and events.
  • Trial and launch hybrid maize seed variety fit for Sierra Leone
Attract and grow day-old-chicks

Attract and grow day-old-chicks and veterinary services/medicines suppliers – key supporting services providers