SOBA 1 launched in late 2013, with an initial focus on rice and vegetable markets. The programme continued through Ebola Virus Disease outbreak, adapting delivery to respond to the emergency context. Leveraging its network of business partners and strong contextual learning, SOBA 2 launched in February 2016, scaling up activities and investment within our agricultural portfolio (ag-inputs and services, poultry and maize, food and consumer goods processing and trade) and entering the solar energy market.

Over the last nine months, the programme ‘ramped-up’ its activities, including launching SOBA iLab aimed at accelerating replication and scale-up of High potential innovations. SOBA is scheduled to close at the end of August 2017.

SOBA Case Study & Results Presentation
This document offers an overview of the SOBA programme. It presents SOBA’s delivery and impact results for the July 2016-June 2017 delivery year. Impact was determined following a two-month data collection and review process that included raw data collection and validation as well as external assessments and case studies.

The study also offers project and team learning with the secondary ambition to inform future economic development investments in Sierra Leone. Supporting resources, including impact studies, case studies, video snapshots, databases, etc., accompany the results study and are listed on resource pages at the end of each sector and will be made available on this site.

Download the presentation here.