Stronger professional services industry – particularly with respect to the marketing process and financial management – is positioning to service small and growing businesses in Sierra Leone. Alongside, networking platforms targeted to Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurs are boosting the culture and quality of entrepreneurship.



The State of Entrepreneurship

The State of Entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone report outlines the hurdles and opportunities in place for entrepreneurs throughout the country. Using the eight pillars that define an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, the report outlines which barriers exist for new entrepreneurs, and provides recommendations to address them.

Work & Results

iLab Work & Results


When members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem do not collaborate or trust each other, the pace of information dissemination is slowed and innovation is stifled.

As part of SOBA’s efforts to scale-up innovations, we launched the iLab to:

Weave Networks

Grow network density and foster new nodes that enable collaboration and faster information flow between businesses, service providers, and relevant stakeholders that are positioned to enable scale-up and replication of the successful innovations generated under the programme. For example, monthly entrepreneur Pitch Nights, bi-weekly Business Clinics, industry-specific Whatsapp groups, and professional services roundtables.

Stimulate Information Flow

Within these networks and nodes, showcase innovations, highlight high performers and role models, and delineate new opportunities that invite replication and encourage market entrance.

Strengthen the Professional Services Industry

Stronger professional services industry, particularly with respect to the marketing process and financial management, positions to service small and growing businesses in Sierra Leone – who also increasingly value the services offered – helping them to replicate new business practices and innovations.

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