The Branding Boot Camp will be a two-week intensive training and assessment programme with the goal of producing “Branding Bosses”, that possess the professional skills and expertise in effective branding processes, and develop the knowledge base-of-the-pyramid marketing tactics.

  • Have you been told you are so persuasive that you could sell sand to people at the beach?
  • Are you a young enterprising individual with a passion for Marketing and Branding?
  • Are you thinking of a career in marketing or need extra skills to make you more attractive to potential employers?

Then our Branding Bootcamp is the answer for you! Our boot camp aims to enhance talent to boost sales for businesses in Sierra Leone through the power of branding.

To register, visit the event website at:
SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE for deserving individuals.

The course runs from the 7th to 11th August and 14th to 18th August in Freetown.

For more information, contact or call +23230327327 / +23299327327