Food & Customer Goods Processing

More efficient agro-processing coupled with stronger supply chain management and better product-market fit are yielding sales growth for goods Made in Sierra Leone – expanding produce offtake markets for local farmers.


Work & Results

Food and Consumer Goods Results


Strengthen and improve raw materials sourcing and supply chain management practices
  • Target improvements in supply chain management – sourcing strategies, networking, and supplier relationships that offer investment and value to farmers and ensure higher quality and more predictable output for buyers.
Improve food and consumer goods fit and attractiveness for Sierra Leone markets
  • Improve customer understanding and product-market fit, including introduction of affordable market appraisal, customer feedback, progressive market research, rapid product prototyping, and sales and marketing strategies.
  • Shift consumer perception and appreciation of locally-processed goods, including leveraging Bo Soap and Made in Sierra Leone brands.
  • Trial packaging solutions that both improve presentation, safety and appeal of local products and foster locally-available packaging solutions.
Improve business management and production efficiency
  • Improve fundamental business and financial management systems that underpin performance and growth.
  • Foster peer learning and networking among businesses through Food & Consumer Goods Processing Cohort (iLab).
  • Improve factory layout and processing flow as well as health and hygiene standards.

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