Branding Bootcamp

Sierra Leone needs great marketeers quick. Experts in the branding and marketing process can help Sierra Leonean businesses launch new products and reach new customers more quickly.

While there is great need for general trainings to raise the capabilities of all, a bootcamp-style program, vs a normal training, delivers accelerated development for a select few of high-potential individuals.

The Bootcamp consists of an intensive training and selection program for marketeers that aims to address the talent gap in the marketing industry in Sierra Leone. The Branding Bootcamp entails intensive training on marketing as well as general professional skills whilst putting trainees through a vetting process to identify top talent. Through skills tests and assessments, participants are evaluated throughout the programme and only the best talent will complete the full duration of the Bootcamp. Graduates of the program will go on to be placed at corporations or marketing firms in Sierra Leone.

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