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Leecon Poultry Enterprise, one of the largest poultry farms in Sierra Leone, has launched their new website. Click on the picture to learn more.


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    Distribution •SOBA supports ag-inputs supplies companies to establish and effectively manage a profitable and cost effective localized agents distribution channels for inputs distribution and information dissemination in Sierra Leone.
    Financial Management systems •SOBA through expert advise of financial management advisory companies facilitates the adoption and practice by ag-inputs supplies companies of modern financial management systems.
    New product trials and investments •Ag-inputs supplies companies are incentivised to make investments and trials of new, improved, high yielding products and varieties that increase smallholder farmers productivity and income.
    Expansion and replication •SOBA disseminates successful best practices and learning to stakeholders through appropriate channels to attract business expansions by ag-inputs companies and replication of successful best practices.

    Results to date

    • Expanded ag-inputs distributions channels established with over 20 new ag-inputs distributors across the country.
    • Over 200% sales growth experienced by ag-inputs supplies partners in a period of six months.
    • Adoption of new products (herbicides) and high yielding varieties (red onions) by smallholder farmers.
    • Adoption of new methods of ag-inputs financing to distributors/agents by inputs suppliers – rapid credit payment incentives.
    • Improved financial management practices by ag-inputs supplies partners – use of QuickBooks accounting, generation of financial statements, inventory management, credit control.

    In achieving the above, SOBA currently partners with the following local ag-inputs supplies companies and distributors in  Sierra Leone:

    • Seed-Tech International
    • T-Jal Enterprises
    • Fresh Salone
    • Muktarr Enterprises
    • United Farmers Development Association Limited