Sierra Leone’s small farmers can now access improved inputs and agricultural advisory through growing and better performing agro-dealer networks.


Work & Results

Ag inputs


Strengthen input distributor management and operational capacity, enabling them to expand to reach small farmers
  • Grow distributors’ organisational capacity to pursue more complex distribution strategies targeted to farmers, namely in areas of inventory management, accounting and financial planning, marketing and branding, and human capital.
Improve access to quality inputs through expanded and professionalised agro-dealer networks
  • Develop and launch new distribution networks and strategies – such as agent networks and retail outlets – targeted to small farmers. Upskill agro-dealer performance.
  • Collaborate with GoSL and other stakeholders to develop an alternative approach to aid that underpins market growth rather than displacing it (e.g. Smart Subsidy Project).
Improve access to agricultural advisory required to improve input application and generate increased yields
Increase the range of agricultural input products and services available for farmers
  • Leverage the improvements in organisational capacity and growing distribution networks to attract interest from international input suppliers to bring new products to Sierra Leone
  • Launch new, improved services better fit for Sierra Leone’s small farmers (e.g. spraying services)