About SOBA

Sierra Leone Opportunities for Business Action (SOBA) is a UK Aid funded private sector development programme that uses a market systems approach to facilitate economic growth in Sierra Leone.  The programme collaborates with a breadth of businesses within agriculture, light manufacturing, and sustainable energy to trial and to scale innovative and inclusive business practices that reduce poverty and improve economic opportunities and outcomes for poor women and men. The programme also provides targeted technical and financial investment with the aim of growing businesses and improving farmer and small-scale entrepreneur performance and market position.

Implemented by Adam Smith International and funded by the UK Government, programme collaborates with the private sector and investors to introduce pro-poor market innovations that result in significant and sustained economic growth for all. SOBA also works with the Government of Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security (MAFFS) and the Ministry of Energy (MoE). 


Our Sectors
Food Processing & Trade

Improved quality and increased market share for a wide variety of locally processed foods in Sierra Leone. Learn more here.

Ag-inputs & Services

Ag-inputs distributors leverage ag-inputs distribution networks targeted to small farmers to deliver high quality products, information and advisory services to farmers. Learn more here.

Poultry Processing

Increase local poultry production and efficiency in Sierra Leone and outcompete imported substitutes. Learn more here.

Outgrowing & Aggregation

Building out-grower schemes that enhance smallholder farmers’ production, secure better access to markets, and increase farmer income levels.

Renewable Energy

Solar Home Systems: Low cost solar home systems are readily available and widely accessible, driving increased investment in the sector  Energy & Agriculture: Renewable energy solutions power agricultural growth, including drying methods and processing facilities. Learn more here.


Outcome: Increased income for poor women and men

  • 106,425 increased income across 4 years (measured Jan 2020)
  • 29,025 increased income achieved by Sep 2015
    • Output: Systemic change indicators
    • Active partnerships (206)
    • Business innovations (55)
    • Private sector investment leveraged ($1.3 mil)
    • Poor women and men with access to new opportunities (81k)

Principles & Approach