About SOBA

Sierra Leone Opportunities for Business Action (SOBA) is a private sector development programme that uses a market systems approach to facilitate pro-poor economic growth in Sierra Leone. The programme collaborates with private sector businesses in three primary areas: (1) agriculture, (2) renewable energy, (3) professional services and entrepreneurship markets, to trial and to scale innovative and inclusive business practices that reduce poverty and improve economic opportunities for poor women and men.

SOBA is implemented by Adam Smith International and funded by UK Aid. The programme also works with the Government of Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security (MAFFS) and the Ministry of Energy (MoE).

Our Sectors
Ag-Inputs & Services
Sierra Leone’s small farmers can now access improved inputs and agricultural advisory through growing and better performing agro-dealer networks. Learn more here.
Poultry & Maize
Sierra Leone’s commercial poultry sector is growing – boosted by more efficient production and emerging feed, day-old-chick, and veterinary service provision. This is a growing and lucrative opportunity for Sierra Leonean maize farmers. Learn more here.
Food & Consumer Goods Processing

More efficient agro-processing coupled with stronger supply chain management and better product-market fit are yielding sales growth for goods Made in Sierra Leone – expanding produce offtake markets for local farmers. Learn more here.

Renewable Energy

Policy reforms, growing investment, and more experienced solar distributors are accelerating access and uptake of affordable pico and solar home systems in Sierra Leone. Learn more here.


Stronger professional services industry – particularly with respect to the marketing process and financial management – is positioning to service small and growing businesses in Sierra Leone. Alongside, networking platforms targeted to Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurs are boosting the culture and quality of entrepreneurship. Learn more here.

Our Results

Principles & Approach


1 SOBA is a market systems development programme
2 SOBA focuses on facilitating change at scale by targeting underlying causes and breakdowns within market systems that inhibit pro-poor growth and opportunity.
3 SOBA collaborates with private and public partners towards our systemic change objectives. SOBA directs investment to partners that are well-positioned and motivated to collaborate to redefine competitive norms and to restructure markets within target sectors.
4 SOBA offers risk capital for technical and financial investment toward business practice innovations. SOBA’s capital must be matched by partners.

Investment Process

SOBA employs a graduated investment pathway designed to identify shared strategies and commitment that both enable business partners’ growth and improve product, service, and information access and uptake for SOBA’s ultimate beneficiary – poor women and men across Sierra Leone. Engagement follows an “opt-in” approach.